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08/18/2017 @ 06:00 pm
Buffalo Charter - Call for Location
Dive the Coin Pile & BBQ

Just outside of Donnelly Wall in the Buffalo Harbor is one of Buffalo's oldest and best known dive sites - The Buffalo Coin Pile. Years ago divers regularly found old coins by simply faning the lake bottom, revealing coins from as long ago as 1600. In fact the oldest coin we personally ever found was a 1601 half-penney from the Bank of Upper Montreal. Very cool! Of course, after several decades of divers searching the lake bottom in this area finds today are far rarer, but not unheard of. And just like divers from bygone days, the fun of the search is still very much alive making a visit to the Coin Pile for any local diver. 

What a better way to start your weekend than with a single tank dive (one hour max.) on this famous site and then followed it up with a barbeque picnic dinner out on the water.  We'll provide th BBQ (pulled pork) rolls, potatoe salad and chips.  You bring your beverage of choice and the weekend begins!

And by the way, any recovered treasure is yours to keep. In addition to the chance to find an old coin or two, we still turn up plenty of artifacts including nails from ships and bits & pieces of pottery or other interesting items from Buffalo's past. Depth for this dive is a maximum of 20 feet so the dive is open to all. Come join the fun!

Waivers are required for all passengers. Please click on the link below and bring a completed copy with your boarding pass. Your cooperation is appreciated.

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