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10/08/2017 @ 09:00 am
Windmill Quarry (map)
Training Dives

Students who have completed their academic and pool sessions to earn their NAUI Scuba Diver certification are ready for the final phase of their training, two days of open water dives.

Day 1

On your first day of open water diving you will complete two scuba dives. Each dive will include an underwater excursion lasting approximately 20 to 30 minutes. Your instructor will help you adjust your weighting as needed and practice the basic skills you have been working on in the pool. Our goal is to provide you with a positive learning experience at a relaxed pace.

Day 2

Congratulations on completing your first day of diving.  On your second day you will complete two additional scuba dives.  Each dive will include an underwater excursion lasting approximately 30 to 40 minutes to a maximum depth of 35 feet. You will continue to work with your instructor on perfecting your skill and comfort in the water. During your dives you will have the opportunity to use a compass to aid navigation as well as practice some of the rescue skills you learned in the pool. Your instructor will be with you every step of the way to offer explanation and assistance as needed. Again, our goal is for a safe and fun day of diving.

Please plan on arriving to the dive site no later than your scheduled time. Dress appropriately for the expected weather. An extra jacket or sweater is generally a good idea in case you are a little chilled after diving. We also recommend that you bring water or other beverage and a light snack or lunch for after the dive.

Students are responsible to pick up all dive equipment at the store prior to the dive and to return it immediately following the dive unless otherwise directed. If you have any questions about your open water dives please ask your instructor or any of our store staff. Relax and have fun! We're going diving!

Please remember you are responsible for admission fees to enter Windmill Quarry. Please plan accordingly.

Scott Brown
Scott Brown
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