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11/21/2017 @ 06:00 am
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SD 2 - The Underwater World and Your Body

Session 2: The Underwater World and Your Body 

The underwater world is an exciting and a safe place to explore when divers know and understand the rules.  Diving affects our five senses and bodies in ways that surprise many new divers.  In this session we’ll review the science behind diving with a focus on how your body is affected when you go under the waves.  More importantly, we’ll discuss what that means to you.  

Understanding how water pressure affects your body will help you understand the basis of many of the standard practices we follow in this sport today.  We’ll answer questions such as - Why are recreational divers limited to 130-feet?  Why are there limits on how long we can dive?  Why do perform safety stops during our ascents limits? Why are wetsuits or drysuits used even in warm water?  These are just a few of the questions we’ll explore during this session.  Get ready for an evening of fun and surprises!

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Gary Dillsworth