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01/13/2018 @ 09:00 am - 11:30 am
Dive Shop (map)
SD 1 - The Equipment We Use

Session 1: The New Diver And The Equipment We Use

This is the first class in our exciting Scuba Diver Program. In this classroom session you will learn about the equipment you will be using as you begin to explore our underwater world.  From masks and fins to regulators, gauges, BC’s and more, the proper selection and care of the equipment you use and purchase is critical to your enjoyment and safety.

This class will cover the pros and cons of different fin styles, BCs, regulators and more so that when you purchase your own equipment you will be knowledgeable about what features are essential to your enjoyment and safety.  

Finally, we conduct a hands-on demonstration where you will learn how to properly assemble your scuba unit. Each student will put their own set of gear together and then learn the steps necessary to verify that the equipment has been assembled correctly and is working properly.  

Students must complete this sesson
before their first pool session

Registration is required
Please call 716-685-4557 to reserve your spot


Darryl Edmiston, NAUI 19630