Deep Diver / Helitrox Diver (maximum 130 ft)

Helium offers tremendous advantages to divers, especially when diving at depths below 100 feet. As all divers know, nitrogen produces a narcotic affect on deeper dives. Helium however does not affect divers in the same way and is significantly less narcotic. Using helitrox results in a safer and more enjoyable dive.

We have combined the NAUI Deep Diver and Helitrox courses into one training program with the goal of providing you with advanced knowledge and skills to execute deep dive with improved safety and clarity. Deep dives are defined as any dive deeper than 60 fsw and for this course, to a maximum depth of 130 fsw. This course introduces the use of helium into the gas mix between 13% to 17% of the total gas mix.

More and more divers are making the move to helitrox for their deeper dives. Join the leaders and experience the benefit of helium for yourself!

Course Tuition: $600 includes all instructional fees, NAUI educational materials and certification upon successful completion of all course requirements.

Prerequisites: Minimum 18 years of age. Participants must be certified as a Nitrox Diver with a minimum of 50 logged dives, including at least 10 dives with nitrox.