Intro to Tech

The NAUI Introduction to Technical Diving (Intro to Tech) is designed to give open water or advanced divers an opportunity to improve their skills, knowledge and equipment configuration. This course is especially beneficial for divers who simply want to become better divers, even if you have no interest in technical diving.

All dives during this program are conducted in 60 feet of water or less. The goal of the program is improved diving techniques. Divers will experience the benefit of improved gear configuration, improve ability to manipulate equipment in the water and will work as a team during class exercises. We will focus on buoyancy control, body position, fin techniques, gas management and out of air drills.

This program may be completed using single tank or double tank gear configuration. Single tank divers will be provided with an "H" valve cylinder and redundant regulator included in the course fee for all open water dives.

Graduates of this program will be qualified to enter NAUI Technical Training programs although this is not required. The program may be taken in preparation for more advanced training or simply to improve your skill and comfort in the water.

Course Tuition: $300 includes all instruction, NAUI educational materials, and certification upon successful completion of all course requirements. (Note: Course may be combined with other training programs for a reduced fee.)

Prerequisites: 25 logged dives, at least 5 using nitrox.