Advanced Diver

Expand your knowledge and skills with this exciting continuing education certification course. This program is intended for the newly certified diver, divers with limited experience, or any diver serious about improving their skill and confidence in the water. Advanced Diver certification is also a requirement for participation dives deeper than 60 feet and night dives at many resorts around the world so completing this course will help prepare you to dive wherever you might travel. And even better, earning your NAUI Advanced Diver certification will help give you the confidence to dive safely and increase your enjoyment in the water. Sign up today to earn the NAUI Advanced Diver certification.

The NAUI Advanced Diver Course includes a total of six dives with your instructor plus two classroom sessions held at the dive shop. You will improve basic dive and rescue skills, determine your gas consumption rate, practice advanced navigation techniques, learn to use a reel underwater and much more. Students are accompanied on all dives including 1-1 supervision during the deep dive requirement for training.

Course Fees: A one time fee of $265 includes all instruction, materials and certification. Please note, listed fees do not include charter fees, dive site admission fees, gas fills, equipment rental or other personal expenses.

Prerequisites: Certified diver, minimum 15 years of age. (Junior certification for ages 12 – 14)