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12/05/2017 @ 06:00 pm
Dive Shop (map)
SD 4 - Dive Environments and Dive Planning

Session 4 -  Dive planning and Final Exam

In this session we will discuss a wide variety of underwater environments visited by divers. We'll also discuss what is involved in proper planning and why it is important for your enjoyment and safety. This class is one of the final step  as you get ready to go out and explore the underwater world as a newly certified scuba diver!  Shortly you will be under the waves with your instructor by your side.  We hope you're excited!

Before heading off, however, we have one final step we have to take. The dreaded final exam. Bring your questions and we'll take the time to answer them before the exam begins. And stop worrying, you'll do fine!

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Gary Dillsworth