Purchase Assurance Program

At Discover Diving you can purchase your dive equipment with 100% confidence that your selection is the best value available anywhere! Diving equipment is life support. You are not only purchasing a piece of equipment, but you also have every right to expect a level of support and expertise be available to back up your decision to purchase. That's why at Discover Diving we make a point of explaining our policies and our promise of support in writing.

Price Protection Guarantee
Purchase any Complete Dive Package or other equipment package from Discover Diving. If you find the same system for less money at any other dive shop within 30 days of purchase, we will refund the difference plus 10% to you in store credit. The price you find must be a "list" or "advertised" price that is available to the public. Mail order and internet sales are excluded. Discontinued, close-out and used items are excluded. Offer must be made in writing by an authorized dealer. (A dive system minimally includes a regulator with back-up 2nd stage, buoyancy compensator and dive instrumentation.)

Performance Guarantee
We guarantee the fit, function and comfort of every item you purchase. We will work with you to provide an "in water fit" of all your personal dive equipment. If any equipment is uncomfortable, does not fit or function properly, we simply take it back and replace it with a more appropriate product. Our professional staff will work with you in the water to be sure you understand and can operate all the features and functions of your personal dive equipment. Exchanges must be in resalable condition.

Success Guarantee
Never miss a dive! If for any reason, any piece of your Complete Dive Package requires unscheduled service or repair, we will either repair the item or provide free loaner equipment if necessary to avoid missing a dive. Plus, as a Discover Diving customer you receive expedited service and preferred customer rates for all service.