Technical EANx Diver

The NAUI Technical EANx Diver program provides the training and experience necessary to gain the knowledge and skills required to minimize the risks of utilizing optimal breathing gas EANx mixes for dives not requiring decompression. EANx 28% to 50% is used for bottom mix in shallow water applications; 100% O2 is sued for decompression when combined with decompression techniques training. A total for four open water dives to a maximum depth of 130 fsw are required for certification as a NAUI Technical EANx Diver. Additional dives would be required for additional certifications, depending on the training objectives of the student and instructor.

This program may be completed using single tank or double tank gear configuration. Single tank divers will be required to provide redundant scuba on all dives below 60 fsw.

Course Tuition: $300 includes all instruction, NAUI educational materials, and certification upon successful completion of all course requirements. (Note: Course may be combined with other training programs for a reduced fee.)

Prerequisites: 50 logged dives, at least 10 using nitrox.