Leadership Preparatory Course

Are you considering becoming a NAUI Divemaster or NAUI Instructor? The NAUI Prep course is designed to give attendees the education and experience that will help you prepare for NAUI leadership training. This course is a non-certification course that will evaluate your readiness to attend a NAUI Instructor Training Course (ITC) or Divemaster program. Participants will attend lectures in topics related to diving, complete pre-qualification examinations and receive coaching tips on the art of instructing and diver master skills. Upon completion, each candidate will receive a written summary of his or her progress and readiness to pursue training as a NAUI leader. 

Prerequisites: Minimum 50 open water dives, successful completion of required in-water testing of skills, certification as a NAUI Rescue Diver (or equivalent) and meets all requirements for NAUI leadership training. 

Tuition: $275 includes all pool, classroom and open water dives with staff, plus all required academic material and student materials.