Medical - FAQ

Will I need to get my doctor'a approval to dive? 

Most people will not need to obtain medical approval before beginning training. A simple medical questionnaire is all that is needed. In some cases, however, approval from your doctor may be required to ensure that it is safe for you to participate in scuba diving.

In general divers who are older, overweight, on certain medications or have pre-exisiting medical conditions would benefit from a medical evaluation by a physician familiar with you and the demands scuba diving places on our bodies.

To help help you and your physican determine if scuba diving is safe for you to participate in (and it probably is!) we have provided a simple medical questionnaire brochure at the bottom of this page. Please take a moment to review the questionnaire and answer each questions honestly. If you have any qestions about this form please call us and let us help.

Should this self evaluation indicate that approval from your physician is necessary please use the two other links to obtain the form and guidelines that you doctor will need.

Brochure: Medical Evaluation Form and Instructions 2017.pdf